About Us

The NGRU is a PC gaming “clan” that was established in 1999, and there are few others like us.

The term clan refers to a group of players that regularly play together and tend to function as a team.  With the increasing popularity of on-line gameplay on both computers and video game consoles, it is becoming more and more common that groups of like-minded players band together to form such groups.  What is more common, however, is that these groups never last longer than a few years at their best.  Achieving such a thing requires a great deal of passion, dedication, and pride amongst its members.  Far too often we come across groups of gamers that seem to care little about the game, others playing it, or themselves.  These groups simply let anyone in who want to join their clique of the day.  They hold no rules, structure nor boundaries, and do as they please at the expense of others.  After a short time, by their own doing, they begin robbing the game of all that once made it fun and entertaining.  Soon they’ll fade away to lost memories, while new groups of the same arise to fill their place.  The NGRU is not one of these groups.

From the beginning, the NGRU was intended to be unique.  Not just anyone would have the honor of wearing the tags “NGRU”.  Doing so would be something to be highly proud of.  There would be no poor sportsmanship, bickering amongst members, carelessness for the well being of others.  Hacking and cheating would never be tolerated.  Members of the NGRU would carry themselves united as one, and provide the best gaming experience possible to all its members.

The NGRU has sought out its members using “Best of the Best” as the key criteria.  Indication of such a thing is not judged by a score at the end of a round, nor the level of ones character in a fantasy world.  It is shown in how someone carries themselves both in-game and out.  By seeking out people with great attitude, personality, and sportsmanship, the NGRU has managed to form an unbreakable brotherhood of gamers with immense respect for others, and endless loyalty to their fellow clan members.

It is these members that make the NGRU what it is today, and have allowed our bond to survive the test of time, unlike so many others.

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