NGRU High Command

Name Rank Units Location Date Joined
NGRU Storm Founder of the NGRU USA, Louisiana Apr-99
NGRU Lucifer NGRU Commanding Officer USA, Arkansas Feb-02
NGRU Shark NGRU Executive Officer


Canada, Ontario Oct-99
NGRU Gizmo FPS Unit Commander

Command Staff Leader

Canada, Ontario Oct-99
NGRU Crazy Command Staff Leader England, London unknown
NGRU Unit Commanders

Name Rank Units Location Date Joined
NGRU Gizmo FPS Unit Commander

Command Staff Leader

Canada, Ontario Apr-99
NGRU Cautious Unit Commander (PAD) England, Reading Dec-01
NGRU Irbis Unit Commander (PAD) USA, Massachusets 1999
NGRU Officers

Name Rank Units Location Date Joined
NGRU Fish Lieutenant Colonel Holland, Gelderland Dec-01
NGRU KSJNX Major USA, Florida Dec-01
NGRU Red5x5 Captain USA, California
NGRU Alpha First Lieutenant
NGRU Omega Second Lieutenant
NGRU Kamikazie Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CW5) USA, Florida Apr-04
NGRU Non-Commissioned Officers

Name Rank Units Location Date Joined
NGRU Gatman First Sergeant USA, Arkansas Feb-02
NGRU SinRule Sergeant Major/Mascot Germany Dec-05
NGRU Clanners

Name Rank Units Location Date Joined
NGRU Foo First Sergeant USA, New Jersey Jan-06
NGRU Pops Sergeant First Class USA, Arkansas Feb-07

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NGRU Clever Staff Sergeant USA, Arkansas Nov-07
NGRU Puffy Staff Sergeant USA Aug-04
NGRU MoeCizlak Sergeant USA, Ohio Jan-06
NGRU Birdie Sergeant USA, Tennessee Jan-06
NGRU Diddleydavid Corporal USA, Arkansas Nov-07
NGRU ABySs Specialist USA, Arkansas Nov-07

As time goes on, our interests, priorities, and online activity change. Members of the NGRU withhold their membership regardless of activity/inactivity.

The following members are Currently considered inactive. We miss them dearly, and await their return.

NGRU Inactive Personnel

Name Rank Units Location Date Joined
NGRU 2pt Brigadier General USA, Washington Jul-99
NGRU Adrenalynn Was a standin D2 UC at one point Sweden, Angelholm
NGRU Agentcarter Private USA, Nebraska Dec-01
NGRU Beanner Unit Commander (PAD) USA Oct-99
NGRU Bigbear USA, Pennsylvania Sep-01
NGRU Blue-Eyes USA, Florida
NGRU Botemon Private Canada, Ontario Jan-01
NGRU Braker Master Sergeant USA, Michigan Jul-03
NGRU Breeze Private Canada, Ontario Mar-04
NGRU Cloud USA Dec-01
NGRU Crusher Private Ireland Dec-01
NGRU Deneir Canada, Quebec
NGRU Donthebond Private USA
NGRU Gid Tech Officer/Staff Sergeant USA
NGRU Goblin Private
NGRU Holy Moly USA Dec-01
NGRU Impulse Diablo II Unit Commander USA, Virginia Dec-01
NGRU Joe Diablo II Executive Officer USA, Georgia Dec-01
NGRU Kailas Captain USA
NGRU Kavs Private UK, N. Ireland Jun-04
NGRU MadCow Webmaster USA
NGRU Matador Major Sweden, Växjö
NGRU Mobious First Lieutenant USA, Florida Jul-03
NGRU Mooser
NGRU Ndawg Private
NGRU Prez420 Major Canada, B.C.
NGRU Raindown Private
NGRU Ranger Private Feb-02
NGRU Renegade USA, New York Apr-01
NGRU Reptile
NGRU Rix Unit Commander (PAD) USA, Maryland Jun-99
NGRU Roach Tech Officer/Staff Sergeant USA, California
NGRU Sabertooth Corporal USA, Ohio
NGRU Sapper Corporal USA, Iowa Nov-99
NGRU Scare
NGRU Scolex USA, Texas Dec-99
NGRU Scorcher Private USA Dec-01
NGRU Seebian
NGRU Sgt C Brewer Master Sergeant USA, South Carolina Mar-03
NGRU Shame Private USA, South Carolina Feb-01
NGRU Sic Private Canada, Ontario Seb-01
NGRU Skaffen Private UK, Brighton Feb-01
NGRU Slinging Private USA, Florida Oct-01
NGRU Sniper Command Staff Leader USA, Florida Jun-99
NGRU Spanky Tech Officer/Staff Sergeant USA, Massachusetts
NGRU Spartacus Staff Sergeant Puerto Rico Apr-01
NGRU Spectre Corporal USA, Florida Oct-00
NGRU Squid Private Canada, Quebec Sep-01
NGRU Starshop Private Korea
NGRU Tank Corporal
NGRU Target Private
NGRU Tomahawk Private USA, Florida
NGRU ToyTac Unit Commander (PAD) USA, Georgia Jun-99
NGRU Tyke unknown
NGRU Un4given
NGRU Valdarham Private England, Dover Jun-04
NGRU Vongrendel Mascot/Corporal USA, Pennsylvania
NGRU Wisper
NGRU Whitewolf Major USA, Pennsylvania
NGRU Wolfgang Staff Sergeant
NGRU Wulf Colonel USA, Michigan Jan-99
NGRU Zipper Private