Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Table of Contents

  1. What is the NGRU?
  2. How can I join you?
  3. What are “Units”?
  4. What games do you play?
  5. What is the NGRU Code of Conduct?
  6. What does <S> mean?

What is the NGRU?

The Northern Guerilla Reaver Unit (NGRU) is a PC Gaming Clan that was established in 1999. Clans (or Guilds) are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming community. Whether it be over a computer, or Xbox Live, like minded people that share the same interest and values band together to get the most enjoyment out of their gaming experience.

For more information on the NGRU, please read the About page.

How can I join you?

For information on our recruitment process, please click the Join Us! link at the top of this website.

What are “Units”?

Members of the NGRU play a large variety of games, but when there is enough interest in a particular game, a “Unit” may be created for it. A Unit is basically a division within our team. Once the decision is made to create a unit for a game, this simply means that the NGRU is officially taking part in the game on a large scale. Each Unit has its own command structure, lead by a Unit Commander and his/her command staff. It is their responsibility to maintain the Unit by fulfilling their leadership roles, allowing the Unit to accomplish what ever goals it may set to achieve and overcome within that particular game.

What games do you play?

An NGRU presence can be found in just about every game/genre but the following are both current and past games the NGRU has played and held units under.

Call of Duty 4/5
Last Chaos
Battlefield 2
Eve Online
Guild Wars
Ghost Recon
Diablo II
Mafioso: Bountyhunter
NeverWinter Nights
Dungeon Siege
Rogue Spear
Heavy Gear

What is the NGRU Code of Conduct?

Coming Soon…

What does <S> mean?

<S> stands for Salute!

It is a form of greeting, and our way of showing respect toward one another.